How to Build a Jewellery Capsule Wardrobe

What is the perfect jewellery capsule wardrobe? Let me give you my personal list. 

A versatile jewellery wardrobe is a simple, yet glamorous one, that allows you to use the same pieces daily. Let’s compile the perfect pieces to wear day-to-night.


An absolute must in any jewellery collection are earrings. If you are looking for something less risky, simple, yet classic then a pair of solitaire earrings are the perfect go-to. I’ve had the same pair for 30 years, and I’ve worn mine daily without fault. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a pair that is less subtle, yet still timeless, then a pair of diamond hoops are the perfect choice.

Earrings with diamonds
Earrings with diamonds


A diamond ring is always an essential piece in your jewellery wardrobe. My first recommendation would be the simple eternity ring. Once again, I invested in my dream eternity ring four years ago, and I’ve hardly taken it off since. If you are looking for something more daring, then go for a cocktail ring (a ring with a touch of colour) to complement your other pieces.

Diamond rings
Ring with dimonds


You will need a beautiful diamond bracelet in your jewellery wardrobe, something easy to wear daily, and maybe another to wear together or just to add some sparkles. In this case, the tennis bracelet is the perfect choice.

Beautiful bracelets with gold and diamonds


Of course, you will need a stunning necklace for the perfect jewellery wardrobe. Once again, a tennis necklace does the job. Simple, timeless, and glamorous, its the perfect everyday piece of jewellery.

And if I could squeeze in one last recommendation, then the long chain necklace with fewer diamonds is a perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Diamond necklace, diamond ring and diamond earrings
Necklace with diamonds, ring with diamonds and ear studs plus earrings with diamonds

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