The Modern Engagement Ring is Getting More Minimalistic

Are you also thinking of proposing to your girlfriend this spring? Or if not necessarily now, have you ever considered which engagement ring you would buy? 

The new trend in engagement rings is that newly engaged couples move back to basics with sleeker, more sophisticated bridal looks, as well as traditional lines that let the centre stone stand out. 

Classic and simple

We see a real trend toward the very basic, very classic, almost Tiffany-style solitaire diamonds with a plain band – it seems as if everyone is asking…. For very simple engagement rings. 

Emphasis on the centre stone

The move to a more pared-down look seems as a way for customers to steer the emphasis toward the main attraction. Think of a solitaire that has a diamond band with it but no halo around it. Or maybe a halo which is very subtle and small – a micro halo, versus the single, double or even triple halos of the past, where the perimeter is the same size as the central stone. 

It is much more about showing off a centre stone and letting it breathe. 

Big diamond ring

Set without a halo

A diamond centre stone does need extra breathing space this year as young couples upsize their diamonds. They have waved goodbye to the traditional 1-carat and under, and are embracing the idea that bigger is better (and I couldn’t agree more).

Gold ring with diamonds

Bigger is better

Currently, people are making an investment in their engagement ring. If 1 carat was the old normal, now they want 1.25, 1.5 or even 2 carats. 

While round diamonds still lead the pack, other shapes are gaining – or regaining – speed. 

Round diamonds are probably 75% of what is being sold now, but ovals are tremendously hot right now, while pear shapes and emeralds are also in demand. 

Another old favourite is staging in return to the spotlight; cushions are making a little comeback. 

Diamond ring

Yellow gold is back 

Lastly, yellow gold has been having a revival of its own, plain or diamond studded. This we haven’t seen for quite some years, as everybody has wanted white gold or platinum. 

All in all, what is really trending now are engagement rings with oval diamonds set in yellow gold.

Oval diamond ring with gold
Diamond ring with gold

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