The journey to your dream jewellery.

What is the actual work process of making a custom-made piece of jewellery like, and isn’t it super expensive and complicated?

No, not at all, neither expensive nor complicated.

The process is that we meet, either physically, or over the phone or email. I predominantly use whats-app, as it’s the best way to share pictures for inspiration and your piece in the process. But it’s entirely up to you!

We meet either physically or online

At the meeting, we talk together and find out what you have in mind. Do you dream of a lot of diamonds or something more simple? Maybe just a pretty diamond for investment? Or maybe different kinds of gemstones or gold pieces? Which design do you like? Something simple and classic? Or something more modern? Everything can be done.

What to think about before

It’s a good idea to have considered the following before we meet:

What’s your budget?
Should the jewellery be in white gold, pink gold or yellow gold?
When do you need the jewellery?
If it’s a ring, what size do you use?

We can always adjust and change, and naturally, we talk to each other throughout the process.

When we have more or less reached an agreement about the design, I start looking for the perfect diamonds or gemstones at the right price.

Green diamonds
Green diamond ring
Diamond in a ring

3D Drawing

At the same time, we make a 3D drawing of the jewellery for you, so you can see it from all angles.

3D design of diamond ring
Green diamond ring
Green diamond ring

3D printing ring

3D Printing

We then make a 3D print of the piece of jewellery. This allows you to try the piece on and make sure it is precisely how you envision it.
At any time during the process, you can ask for adjustments or changes.

Finally, once you have approved the 3D model, we use the 3D print to manufacture the case for the jewellery. The gold is then cast and the diamonds or precious stones are set, everything is polished and checked – and voila, your dream piece of jewellery is complete.

The process itself usually takes 2-3 weeks depending on how quickly you decide on the diamonds and the design itself and the price is usually below the regular retail price, as I buy the diamonds directly from the diamond dealers and thereby skip a few steps.

Green diamond ring
Ring with diamonds

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