How I work

(and why you’ll love the process and the result)

I follow a five-step process to guarantee an amazing result:
A piece of jewelry that you’ll wear and love for the rest of your life.

My process

First, we discuss what you want. Which kind of ring did you have in mind, do you want to wear it daily or only evenings, should it be a single stone, what kind of budget do you expect?If possible, I’ll gladly come and visit you for our initial talk.

When we understand each other, I make a rough drawing of the jewelry, typically on the spot. If we don’t meet in person, I’ll send you my drawings and suggestions.

Next step is a computer drawing. It’s in 3D so you can see the jewelry from all angles.

When you’re happy with the design, I’ll make a 3D print of the jewelry. If it’s a ring, you can try it on and see how it fits and feels. At this point, we can still make modifications of the jewelry.

Now, comes the final part. Finding the perfect stones for your jewelry. I’ll happily take you to visit the diamond traders and help you find exactly what you want.

Then, we use the 3D print as the mould to make the final piece of jewelry.

3D drawing of the ring

Here’s the 3D drawing of the ring

3D print of the ring

A 3D printed version of the ring. This means you can try it and see how the design looks on your finger

Finding the correct stones

Now, we find the matching stones.

The finished custom ring

And here’s the finished, custom-made diamond ring. Voila, the ring of your dreams.

There you have it: The jewelry of your dreams

Want to know more?

No matter what you’re looking for – if it’s about diamonds, I bet I can help.


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