What is trending in jewellery now?

As you might know, I have just been to the Munich Inhorgenta 2022 jewellery and watch fair.

And it was amazing, it was one of the first trade shows after the Covid pandemic, and we were all eager to see something new.

So what is trending now?


It is for sure colours. As coloured diamonds are super expensive, there was a massive interest in gemstones in all colours and cuts, but especially the brilliant cuts, which we don´t see often in coloured stones, as it is difficult to bring out the colour in brilliant cuts.

The most interesting were the sapphires in rainbow colours, we have seen sapphires in most colours before, but it has been a bit outdated and old fashioned. Now due to new treatment techniques especially for the orange sapphires which are beryllium treated we saw fascinating rainbow colours.

Did I buy some? Of course, I did. And will I make some fabulous rings? Oh yes, I will. I have already sent the gemstones to my goldsmith who will start working on them right after Easter.


Another super interesting thing was the layouts of the most incredible necklaces in amazing colours. The paraiba tourmaline was the most beautiful, with the blue-greenish colours.

For sure it is the jewellery seen in the new season of “Bridgerton” that has started the interest. And the prices? Super high, one necklace will be 300.000 Euro, just for the stones.  The reason for the high prices is that it is very difficult to find matching gemstones, especially for large pieces like these. 


I could also settle on just one beautiful aquamarine, or maybe 2?. Finally, I found some beautiful ones, with just the right proportions. Aquamarines have been super difficult to find lately, as lots of the mines and cutting facilities have been closed during Covid, but now they were all here. And I just can’t wait to get them set into beautiful rings and earrings.


Not to mention pearls, the pearl farms have been closed as well, so it has been impossible to have a wide collection, and there is still a lack of supply. But I met some suppliers which I haven’t seen for the last 2 years, and they had beautiful pearls, just have a look at these Tahiti pearls with a green a Bordeaux shine. Or the gorgeous south sea pearls with a pinkish overtone.

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