Welcome to my jewellery box part 2

I have previously made a list of my favourite jewellery, but it became WAY too long for a single post, so here is the next part. Welcome to my jewellery box, part 2.

Last week, I showed my favourite huge diamond rings and tennis bracelets. But I have so many other special pieces that I just LOVE.

One of the most precious is this beautiful necklace, which is made of completely natural pearls. It is super difficult if not impossible to find natural pearls, as most pearls nowadays are grown in mussels.

My dad gave me the most beautiful pearl necklace with natural pearls when I turned 18 years old. His mother had had a really long necklace which could reach 5 times around the neck, with natural pearls, and the family had made it shorter so that all the girls in the family could get one.

Mine was unfortunately stolen and therefore I searched everywhere to find some similar ones. And I ended up buying these beautiful natural pearls in Birmingham UK. I had them set with small links in yellow gold. And I just love that chain. It has just the right length and history.

My Patek Philippe watch is the latest in the 24/7 collection. I have chosen it with a dark blue dial and of course with diamonds all around.

The 2 Cartier bracelets that I was lucky to buy second hand. One is in white gold, the other in rose gold. And I wear them every day and feel completely naked without them.

My beautiful ring with a big blue sapphire. I bought the ring in Istanbul when I lived there years ago and it was actually beautiful and amazing, but not quite perfect. There was something about the stone which was a little crooked, and the setting was not quite perfect either. So I got a jeweller in Hong Kong Anne who I have worked a lot with, to get the stone recut so it is now completely straight, and at the same time, the setting was redone.

Now it is perfect. The blue sapphire is 5.5 carat. I hear a lot in the jewellery business about gemstones which are said to bring either luck or misfortune. And blue sapphires are just such a gem. In India, it is said that blue sapphires bring either extraordinary luck or horrible misfortune. I could not have that. So I have had it with a “media” who has purified the energies of the stone for me. And now, fortunately, it brings good luck, not bad luck.

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