Valentine’s day – The perfect day to celebrate love with diamonds

diamond ring

I know Valentines day is very commercial, but to me it is so romantic, and what is more romantic than a diamond heart you can wear forever?

But before you start dreaming of a romantic dinner and a diamond heart, here are som key points for what to look for when buying a diamond heart:

Always remember the 4 C’s

  • Carat
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Cut

Diamond hearts are all cut differently, you can find narrow hearts, chubby hearts, and uneven hearts.

You will have to look at the different parts of the heart:

Some cutters will make diamonds with elongated lobes and a narrower belly (chubby heart), while others may make flatter wings and narrow points (skinny). It all depends on the shape of the original rough diamond.

Just have a look at these terrible cut diamond hearts. (The one on the right has a lots of inclusions too, which doesn’t make it more charming)

Personally I love the even, slightly chubby hearts, and not surprisingly I love huge diamond hearts, just like this:

Lady Gagas ex-engagement ring

She actually gave it back to Taylor Kinney when she broke the engagement (I would never have done that (given back the diamond))

Here is a selection of my favourite diamond jewellery with heart shaped diamonds.

Show these suggestions to your loved one. Maybe you will be lucky (if not, you can always buy it for yourself) 

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