The diamond lady’s favourite jewellery

I have worked as a diamond dealer for 15 years and have of course bought a lot of jewellery which I absolutely love.

Welcome to a tour inside my personal jewellery box.

My beautiful ring with a yellow cushion cut diamond which I got from my boyfriend. We bought the diamond together in Antwerp 3 years ago, where we visited some diamond dealers who showed us their most beautiful yellow diamonds. I got the ring set with 2 half-moon-shaped diamonds on the sides and put in a simple white gold ring.

I love the diamond which is cut very specially because it looks as if there are hearts hidden inside the diamond. And then I love the whole story about Peter and I going to Antwerp together to find the perfect diamond. So romantic and special.

My tennis bracelet, which I received as a gift when I turned 40, well, it is now many years ago, but I love that the bracelet is from my birthday and that the setting is a little special. I have considered adding some marquise-shaped diamonds to the lock, to “update” the bracelet a bit, and now that I am thinking about it, I actually think I will do it right away.

The diamond earrings which I ALWAYS wear. I feel completely naked without them. They are each 2.2 carats and cost a fortune. But they have “grown” quite a few times when I could afford to upgrade them in the past.

They started out being 0.5 carats each in low quality when I was 18 years old and bought my first diamond earrings and since then they became 1 carat, 1.5 and now 2.2 I think I have found the perfect size, if they get bigger, they will start to hang, and does not sit nicely on the ear.

My eternity ring with oval diamonds is the latest upgrade of my alliance rings. I made a ring with oval diamonds for a client some years ago, she uses the same size as me and I could hardly bring myself to give her the ring. So, I got a new one made for me.

It is incredibly difficult to find diamonds in exactly the same size and shape, so I had to wait 6 months while we flew diamonds in from Hong Kong, India and the USA to have the largest possible selection. I chose diamonds along with one of my favourite diamond dealers who also got the diamonds set for me. I just love that ring.

My ring with an old cut diamond of 3.4 carats, is definitely also one of my absolute favourite rings. Old cut diamonds are incredibly hard to get hold of in good colour and clarity and I have searched through many diamonds and diamond dealers before I found this one.

The diamond is super beautiful, has fantastic clarity and was cut 80-100 years ago, so it really has the beautiful depth that old cut diamonds should have. And then I got it set in a fantastic setting, with lots of diamonds, so it really looks like something.

I’ve thought about resetting it a few times, but I have not done so yet, as I really love this ring.

Because the diamond is so old, I brought it to my “media” whom I visit from time to time, and she told me that it is full of good energy and stories, which I also think I can feel when I wear the beautiful ring.

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