Oval diamonds are just so beautiful

Oval diamant

Set in a beautiful simple setting like this, with a diamond halo around the center stone.

Or like this in a very delicate setting

Oval diamonds are cut in what is called a fancy cut, which basically means that it is not round.

The oval cut was invented by diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan in the 1960’s and is actually a modified brilliant-cut because the two shapes have the same fire and brilliance.

The oval cut is the ideal choice for someone who is looking for a round diamond but wants something more unique.

The advantage of oval diamonds is that they look bigger than round brilliant cut  diamonds, and they will also make the finger look longer and slimmer, and who doesn’t want that?

Length to Width Ratio.

When buying oval diamonds we talk about the length – with ratio, which shows how proportionate the diamond is. To calculate the length to width ratio you divide the length of the diamond by its width. This means that a diamond with a length of 5.5 mm and a width of 3.5 mm has a length to width ratio of 1.57

Normally I prefer a ratio between 1.30-1.50 Diamonds which fall outside this range will be too round or too pointy. The lower the ratio the plumper or chubby the oval. But it depends on personal style and preferences.

Bow tie effect in Oval cut diamonds.

Because of their fancy, elongated shape, almost all oval cut diamonds will show a bowtie effect. Which is the dark space stretching across the diamond’s center. Sometimes the bow-tie effect is very noticeable, and other times it’s hardly visible.

If the bow tie effect is very noticeable it will distract from the beauty of the stone, so you really want to choose a stone with as little bow tie as possible.

On the photo you will see from left to right, no bow-tie effect, little bow-tie and a strong bow-tie.

How big is the average size for an oval cut diamond for an engagement ring?

They tend to be bigger than the brilliant cut diamonds, as clients wants the centerstone to stand out, so a diamond of 1.5-2 carats is very normal.

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