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Following several wonderful days in sunny Italy, visiting the boutique jewellery and gem fair Vicenzaoro, I am finally back in Antwerp. Vicenzaoro is located between Venice and Verona and is known to include the finest Italian jewellery designers and display huge diamonds and gemstones. The fair was nothing less than insightful, so let me take you through what I experienced.

visiting the boutique jewellery and gem fair Vicenzaoro

Diamonds and gemstone combinations

We saw a lot of diamond and coloured gemstone combinations, like these beautiful diamond and blue sapphire earrings (price 5.000 Euro).

Diamonds and gemstone combinations

I found the diamond ring of my dreams

If I should ever have one more ring, it should for sure be this one. The centre stone is 1 carat and then the diamonds graduate from there and become progressively smaller. The diamonds continue all the way around, and while simple, it was gorgeous (price 50.000 Euro).

Diamond ring

Hoop earrings

At Vicenzaoro, designers were displaying innovative designs to the traditional hoop earring.   These swirl hoops are gorgeous and have made the top of my wish list already (price 6.000 Euro). While they are relatively big earrings, they are simple and understated and work perfectly for both day and night.

Hoop earrings with diamonds
Bracelets with diamonds


I just couldn’t get enough of the bracelets in Vicenzaoro. Below were some of the nicest bracelets I stumbled upon, featuring, once again, the coloured gemstones with diamonds combination (Price from 20.000 Euro).

In addition the colourful bracelets above, the classic and all-time favourite tennis bracelet was also in display, shown here in all sizes and in both yellow, and white gold. 

Bracelets with diamonds


Saving the best for last – the most remarkable diamond necklaces. Brilliant cut diamonds have been in huge demand for the past many years, and consequently, the prices are sky rocketing. As a result, designers are looking for additional cuts of diamonds to create the most impressive pieces. Here are some of the most astonishing necklaces incorporating beautiful solutions to display various cut diamonds (prices from 30.000 Euros and up, depending on the quality of the diamonds and the carat weight).

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