The most popular fancy-shaped diamond at the moment. But what do you need to look for when buying an oval diamond? 

First of all, you have to remember your 4 C’s. Always remember the 4 C’s


Then you have to look at the shape of the oval diamond. Which shape of oval do you prefer, a long slender oval, or a more chubby oval. 

On this photo you have 1.35-1.40-1.45-1.50 length to width ratio. 
We look at the “shoulders” of the diamond, are they rounded or more straight? 

And one thing we for sure don’t want to see in our oval diamonds are what we in the trade call the “bow-tie” effect,  which is a black shadow in the middle of the diamond, which looks like a “bow-tie”. It is shown in oval or pear-shaped diamonds which are not well-cut. It is actually the reflection of the girdle, which is reflected into the diamond in an unattractive way.


When we have found the perfect oval diamond, you just need to find out how you want it to be set. 

In a single solitaire setting, with gold around, together with other ovals, with one or two haloes or maybe with some beautiful side stones? The choice is yours. 

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