Make your diamonds shine again

Making your diamonds sparkle as new again, is super easy. Here is the recipe:

How to clean your jewellery.

  • Make a cleaning solution, by mixing a few drops of dishwashing liquid in a cup of warm water.
  • Soak the jewellery for an hour.
  • Scrub the jewellery with a soft toothbrush. Take the jewellery out of the cleaning solution and gently scrub mainly on the sides and on the back.
  • Rinse and dry. Wash the jewellery in clean running water, to remove dirt and soap, and use a clean cloth to dry the jewellery.
    • If you are worried about dropping the jewellery in the sink, you can place a strainer under it.

Another way to clean diamond jewellery is to soak it in an ammonia solution, mix cold water with ammonia in equal parts, and soak your jewellery in the solution for 30 minutes before rinsing it off. This method should ONLY be used on diamond jewellery, as the solution might be too harsh for other gemstones.

Warning.. Do NOT use toothpaste to clean your jewellery, as it could destroy the gold, and will leave a film over the diamond

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