Is now the perfect time to buy diamonds?

Is Now The Perfect Time To Buy Diamonds

Should you wait? Or is it now, now? 

What does actually happen to diamond prices during a worldwide crisis? 

When the first lockdown hit us in March 2020, I amongst other diamond dealers were certain that the market would be flooded with cheap diamonds. These would originate from all the diamond dealers who wanted to get rid of their stock quickly and who needed quick cash to keep their businesses open. 

Therefore, I had clients contacting me in hope of finding the perfect pair of diamonds for earrings, a huge solitaire, or a beautiful emerald, all at a very low price. They wanted the jewellery they had always been dreaming of, now when it seemed as if the prices would drop massively. 

It just didn’t happen. What did happen was that it became much more difficult to find the perfect diamond as many of the diamond mines and cutting facilities closed due to the lockdown. Consequently, it was almost impossible to find beautiful brilliant-cut diamonds at reasonable prices and numerous diamond offices all around the world closed. So what happened? The diamond prices raised, 5-6-7 percent, only on the best selling sizes and qualities of brilliant-cut diamonds, which are 2 carats, 3 carats and 5 carats. 

And this increase in price still applies today. 

However, several diamond dealers have succumbed, over time, to the general lockdown and I am first now getting offered fancy cut diamonds at quite discounted prices. These dealers originate mostly from India, where they have been hit very hard by the pandemic. They offer me beautiful radiants, huge ovals, amazing cushion cuts, and surprisingly also huge round diamonds, all at more than reasonable prices. 

For investment purposes those diamonds are perfect. It is exactly what we are looking for; good quality, excellent cut, and low prices. Recently, I have put my eyes on a 4.58 carat perfect brilliant-cut diamond, which I will store in my safe. 

So there are still perfect diamonds at perfect prices to be found, I just need to look a little bit longer, and employ all my contacts. With a bit of patience, we can still find you the perfect stone. Diamond dealers from all over the world are contacting me several times a day, offering beautiful fancy cut diamonds at very good prices. So if you have been looking for your huge rock, it might be the perfect time to contact me. 

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