How to care for your diamond jewellery

Here my recommendations for how to take care of your jewellery.

Try not to touch the diamond. When you touch your diamond, you will pass oil from your fingers to the diamond, and it will make the diamond look dull.

Take your ring off when working with chemicals. Chemicals can make your bathtub sparkle, but they are not good for your diamonds. You should either take your rings off, or use rubber gloves to protect your diamonds.

Take off your jewellery before doing hard work. Jewellery can be scratched, and you might twist the prongs which hold the diamonds if you are too rough on your jewellery, so take your rings off before gardening, moving furniture, or going to the gym.

Don’t swim with your diamond jewellery. The chlorine is not good for diamonds,

Put your jewellery on as the last thing in the morning. Using lotions, fragrances or hairspray around your jewellery can damage it and will leave a dull layer on your diamonds.

Have your jewellery cleaned professionally at least once a year. Diamond jewellery needs to be checked professionally regularly. As part of my service, I will clean and check your jewellery whenever you feel like it. I will check the prongs and mountings, and make sure that all are in good shape. Is there anything which needs to be repaired or rodiated I will arrange that too. Your jewellery should shine forever.

Get your jewellery insured.  I can help you with appraising your jewellery, also the jewellery you haven’t bought from me. 

Keep your jewellery in a padded box, or in one of the small pouches you can get from me. Even though diamonds are very hard, they can be scratched by other diamonds, and if they are stored in a hard container. Keep each piece of jewellery separated in its own padded box.

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