How much is 1 carat of diamond?


Everybody asks me, what is the price of a diamond?  And why is it so difficult for me to answer such an easy question? I should be able to tell the price in a split second.

Let’s first get the sizing right. This is what a one carat diamond will look like on a hand.

And now back to the question, what is the price of ONE carat of diamond?

Easy question, but so difficult to answer, because it all depends on the quality of the diamond.

We all know about the 4 C’s

  • Colour
  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Carat weight

(if you want a small update on the 4C’s then please visit my web page at

All 4 C’s influence the price of a diamond. Better quality = higher prices, lower quality = lower prices.

1 carat of brilliant cut diamond in an excellent cut will be 6.5 mm in diameter.

Let’s put most things equal, and say that we have a diamond of 1 carat, cut with

Triple X, which means that the diamond has been graded by GIA as having Excellent cut, Excellent symmetry, and Excellent polish. Which is a perfect cut diamond. 

Then we only have the Colour and Clarity as variables. And the price will be this.

All prices are in Euro ex VAT and are changing constantly depending on supply and demand, but it will give you a good picture of the price differences of a diamond in different qualities.

So which quality will I buy?  I will ALWAYS advise clients to buy diamonds of at least colour G, and clarity VS. These are investment quality diamonds, and they will always be in demand. But if you want more flash for cash, you can buy diamonds of colour J and clarity SI but be sure to see the stone (or ask me to see the diamond) to see where the inclusions are and to make sure that they are not visible.

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