Do You have a fortune hidden in Your closet?

Lets have a closer look.

Maybe you have inherited some jewellery from your grandmothers, or bought some gold chains or a small diamond ring when you were in Thailand? Had a boyfriend who was buying your jewellery. Or maybe, you bought some jewellery yourself that you just don’t like anymore.

Let us have a look at your jewellery box, and see if some of your pieces might be worth some money.

First we check if the metal is gold or not.

We look at the small stamps:

Look at the small stamps

The most used stamps for gold are

  • 585 – 14 karats gold
  • 750 – 18 karats gold
  • 916 – 22 karats gold

For platinium it can also be engraved PLAT or PT

You can sell your gold at the average daily gold price, at the moment you get 35 Euros pr gram of gold in 18 karats you sell. And if you have some heavy gold chains or bracelets you might have a small fortune just in gold.

Then we can have a look at the gemstones.

I will examine the gemstones and tell you which ones are real and which ones are fake. If you have diamonds, rubies, emeralds or blue sapphires they could be worth a lot.

You will then have 3 options

  • Keep everything as it is.
  • Sell the jewellery you don’t wear
  • Or redo your jewellery and get some pieces you love.

If you choose to sell your jewellery there are different options, a good option is to go to an auction house and ask them to give you an estimate. If you have signed pieces from Tiffany or Cartier you can sell them at a premium at auctions. Also, antique jewellery from the Art Deco or Art Nouveau area fetches huge prices at auctions.

I will of course advise you to redo your jewellery and make some pieces you will love.  And I have LOTS of ideas about how you can reuse your jewellery.

Here are some of the items I have made for clients, reusing their diamonds, and some of the cost were paid by old gold.

All is possible, the only thing I can’t do is reuse your specific gold. The gold will be melted and cleaned, and I will buy new gold to use in your jewellery.

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