Do diamond sales follow a yoga index?

A fun fact or a funny story.

You probably know Lululemon, the fantastic sportswear from Canada. Personally, I love it and have plenty of it myself.

But when Lululemon opened their first store, it was a great day for the jewellery industry. Why? Because the more casually you are dressed, the more important your accessories become.

So while Lululemon’s results got better and better, their clients’ diamond earrings and engagement rings also got bigger and bigger.

It simply became a way to differentiate oneself and, as the experts say, to show one’s status. Because if everyone in the cafe is wearing the same black yoga leggings, then you have to show your difference in another way, e.g. by wearing large earrings, beautiful gold chains with diamonds, perhaps with her children’s initials, or a whole series of Cartier’s Love bracelets.

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