Now is the time to invest in diamonds.

Prices are rising.

Due to Covid19 lots of mining and cutting facilities especially in India and China have been closed.  This means that there has been a lack of supply of rough diamonds, and therefore the prices are going up. There are indications that prices will be up with 20% by January 2022. SO NOW IS THE TIME TO INVEST.


This is good news for all who has bought diamonds in 2021.

Last year we saw that brilliant cuts were sold at a premium, but because of their high prices, there has become a lot of demand for fancy cut diamonds, such as ovals, princess cuts, and pears. And lots of young couples wishes for a fancy shape for their engagement ring.

The diamonds which we expect to rise most are diamonds of 1 and 3 carats in color G and H, and clarity VS as there is a rising demand for these diamonds, and they are getting more and more difficult to stock.  

Prices on perfectly matched diamonds like these ones, are also rising dramatically.

The prices are also going up for diamonds above 0.5 to 0,7 carats in good quality, where diamonds in low cut and quality is extremely difficult to sell and prices are getting to fall.

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Investing in Diamonds

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The reason is obvious: Diamond prices are always increasing. In the last 10-15 years, there’s been a huge interest in investing in colored diamonds, making prices for pink and blue diamonds rise by 400 %.

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Diamond Dealer Services

Born in Denmark, I work in Antwerp in Belgium – the centre of diamond trade in the word. From here, I find and select premium diamonds and gemstones to create custom-made jewelry for clients all over the globe. I love the idea of customized jewelry as I want to help you make exactly the piece of jewelry you desire. Read more about Diamond Dealer Services