Are you also thinking of investing in diamonds, but don’t really know which diamond to buy?

Here is my quick guide for investing in white diamonds 

  • Learn the basics of diamond grading so you know what you’re buying. You need to know the 4 C’s. If you need a brush up, you can read more about it here
  • Set a budget. Diamonds should be a part of your portfolio.
  • Diversify your diamond investments. Don’t put all your money on one diamond, and don’t buy two or three diamonds of the same type. If you’ve invested in a pink diamond, choose another colour for your second diamond. We don’t know for sure which type of diamond will be more valuable or easier to sell later on.
  • Buy rare, yet desired. You shouldn’t buy a diamond that everyone else has, and don’t invest in diamonds that few people would buy. Personally, I’d buy diamonds in D/E colour with a VVS in clarity and in triple-excellent cut. These are absolutely beautiful and easy to sell. And a personal tip: Buy a colour that you love. It’s always easier to sell a diamond that you love yourself.
  • Know what you are getting. Buy only certified diamonds and trust only certificates from HRD or GIA. For colored diamonds, only a GIA certificate will do.
  • Always inspect the diamonds loose, not mounted. The setting can hide inclusions and enhance the look of the diamonds. White diamonds, for instance, look more white set in white gold.
  • Buy directly from diamond dealers to ensure a fair price. If you buy from a retailer, many brokers and mediators have gotten their share, making the price tag go up.
  • Don’t by shy. Ask lots of questions. A good diamond dealer will love to answer all your questions and help you on your search.

Diamond prices have been rising, and we expect them to keep on rising in the coming years, as there will be a shortage of the most sought after diamonds.

So which diamonds would I invest in? Using the 4 C’s I would invest in diamonds of these qualities.

  • Carat: Depending on my budget I would buy a diamond of 1, 1.5, 2 or 3 carats.
  • Colour:I would buy a diamond of G or H colour.
  • Clarity: VS or VVS.
  • Cut: I would get a triple excellence, but depending on my budget I wouldn’t mind a diamond with a lower cut grade as long as it looks pretty.

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