Are you also dreaming of earrings for Christmas?


Here is a guide to the most amazing diamond earrings which are the perfect Christmas present 🎄

Diamond earrings can be either diamond solitaires, which is one diamond which sits on the ear.

Or it could also be hoops earrings which come in different sizes. Or you could wish for some slightly longer hanging earrings that sit down from your diamond solitaire earring. There are unimaginable possibilities.

I have selected some of my favorites. Just to put on your wish list.

Diamond solitaires

The price depends on the size of the diamonds, 1 carat diamond in a good quality that is investment suitable will cost 20.000 Euro. if you want some a little bigger, like the ones at the bottom of the picture, then it costs 66.000 Euro

Other beautiful earrings, these are illusion earrings, with a smaller diamond as center stone, surrounded by a beautiful diamond halo. Available in either white or yellow gold. The price is 1100 Euro

Customized earrings

Here is a pair of exceptionally beautiful diamond earrings with brown diamonds set in yellow gold, with a wreahalo th of brown diamonds. As they were a present you need to send me a message to get the price

Hoops earrings

Some other super cool earrings are hoop earring, they can be set “inside-out” with diamonds on all sides, or just with a single row of diamonds.

They come in many different sizes both in diameter and also in the size of diamonds. Here come some in different sizes and price ranges.

Here are some amazing different hoops that do not have quite as many diamonds but are super elegant The price is 1200 Euro  for the smallest and 2000 Euro  for the largest.


Completely different and super classy diamond earrings which are actually made so that they can be attached to the customer’s own diamond earrings. These earrings were also a present, so the price is a bit secret, but send me a message and I will inform you.

Then it’s just about choosing. I look forward to hearing from you.

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