Are lab grown diamonds as good as natural diamonds?


What are lab grown diamonds, and are they really as good as the natural diamonds, formed billion of years ago deep inside the earth? 

Well, first of all, they look exactly the same. You need special instruments to tell them apart. 

Lab-grown diamonds, are made in labs, not very charming indeed, and you can actually order the exact diamond you want, in almost the colour you wish, and it can be made and delivered within 6 weeks. They are grown in huge labs all over the world and was actually made for industrial use, but now the quality has been improved, and there are being made million of lab-grown diamonds for use in jewellery every month. Are they ecological friendly? Not at all, it takes a lot of energy and water to produce diamonds. 

So, what do they look like? They look exactly like natural diamonds, except for some small differences. They are graded at the gemological institutes, and will get a lab-grown certificate. 

A fun fact is that some of the lab-grown diamonds are magnetic. So if you put a magnet to them, they will be picked up. 

I made this small test some weeks ago, these are on uncut lab-grown diamonds. 

There are other differences too, which I will get back to in another newsletter because the big question is; should you buy lab-grown diamonds instead of natural diamonds? 

Well, my first answer is, no. There is absolutely no resale value for lab-grown diamonds when you have bought it, you will never get your money back. And you still pay quite a lot of money for a lab-grown diamond, 1 carat of good quality lab-grown diamond would be 2-3000 Euro. Which is still quite a lot of money. 

But if you desire a tennis bracelet with pink diamonds, which is almost impossible to buy in natural diamonds, it might be a fun thing to buy. 

I am thinking of making some add ons for my solitaire earrings, in lab-grown diamonds, thought they would look amazing for summer, just what I need to bring a bit of sparkle. My diamond earrings, are natural 2.20 carats each, at a price of  60.000 Euro, the orangy lab grown diamonds are 1.28 carats and are 2000 Euro each. 


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